The current context

The technologies are growing in number. They change faster and faster.

How to master web development in these conditions?

This site is here to help you.

I try to invest only on the most promising technologies.

Those who have a chance to still be there in 5 or 10 years (“a chance” because it’s not an exact science …).

JavaScript, which has been around for two decades, and which has been very popular for several years, is very appropriate!

The learning method

To learn more easily, I use visual content as much as possible. Videos are in preparation.

In the upcoming courses we will code fun apps.
Graphically rich, and with examples taken from the “real life”.

And above all, we must remember all this.

The best way to capitalize once and for all this new knowledge, is to make quick revisions spaced.
For example :

  • the next day,
  • 7 days later,
  • and finally 14 later

Quick References and Easy Guides are there for that.

Who is Hugo Pich?

A web developer, with many years in the design and development of business applications.

Someone who wants to optimize his time, and others’ time.

A follower of constant improvement.

Thanks to the fabulous learning materials, all complementary, which we have today:

  • Web pages, probably the fastest way to find an answer
  • Screencasts, so effective to hold the attention
  • Books (and PDF, if you have a good laser printer):
    • to rest the eyes,
    • to use in public transport, on vacation …
  • Podcasts: it’s so well used time in transport, in the car, in the bathroom, etc

See you soon, to go further in web development!