Speed ​​up the Android emulator, with Intel HAXM

The Android emulator can be slow, which is why Intel has developed a processor virtualization solution, to speed up its execution.

It may be installed with Android Studio, however in case of problems it can also be downloaded from the Intel website.

HAXM configuration for Windows

Prerequisites :

  • Android SDK
  • processor :
    • Intel 64
    • with virtualization (VT) enabled
      activation is done in the BIOS
    • with Execute Disable (XD) Bit support

Rest assured, these are features that can be found even on PCs with several years.

More details on the prerequisites on the Intel GitHub page.

To verify that HAXM is running correctly, open a command prompt as administrator, and run : sc query intelhaxm

Then you have to use an Intel x86 emulator image, in order to take advantage of the acceleration.

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